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ADMISSIONS -- GATE -- No Pass Out Checks or Refunds

  • Adults (13 and Over) -- $5.00
  • Parking -- Free
  • Season Ticket, 9 days (13 & over) includes car -- $25.00
  • Children 12 and under (with 18 or older adult) -- Free
  • Family Day - Sunday only until 4:00 p.m. (car load price) -- $ 10.00
  • See grandstand event prices below. Please note new Motorcycle Racing infield price is $6 per person.


Look for a booth like this to buy your ride tickets.

There are several throughout the midway.

Ride Tickets $1.25 each or 25 for $20

1 Coupon: Slide 2 Coupons: Most Rides 3 Coupons: Fury/Boat, Predator, Starship, Sky Diver

Tinsley's Amusements P.O. Box 77 High Hill, MO 63350
See Event Schedule for days with special carnival ride pricing.


  • There are things going on at the fair as early as 9 in the morning.
  • If you would like to visit over lunch hour and enjoy some fair food, we are not charging admission at the gate on Monday through Friday until 1pm.
  • If your interest in the fair is to visit the midway, pay attention to the Carnival Hours.  There is not a set time that the fair closes - it depends on crowd levels.  Generally things are going pretty strong until at least 10 or 10:30 in the evening.

Credit Cards are now accepted.

Friday, July 19th

Preview Night, Blackjack Billy with the Feudin' Hillbillys -- $5 (Box) -- $5 (Gen Adm Grandstand) -- $5 (Track/per person)

Saturday, July 20th

            Demolition Derby-- $8.00 (Box) -- $6.00 (Gen  Adm)--$6.00 (Infield per person)

Sunday, July 21st

Championship Rodeo -- $6.00 (Box) -- $5.00 (Gen Adm)

Monday, July 22nd

Talent Show & BIG Give-Away -- All seats Free

Tuesday, July 23rd

Harness Racing [post time 12:30 pm] -- $2.00 (Box) -- Free (Gen Adm)

Harness Racing [post time 7:00 pm] -- $2.00 (Box) -- Free (Gen Adm)

Wednesday, July 24th

Dick Andrae Memorial Motorcycle Races -- $8.00 (Box) -- $6.00 (Gen Adm) -- $6.00 (Infield/per person)

Thursday, July 25th

Blackberry Smoke with the Matt Poss band -- $15.00 (Track which is Standing Room Only) -- $10.00 (Gen Adm) -- $15.00 (Box, sold in 5 or 6 seat lots)

Friday. July 26th

Scotty McCreery with Gracia Harrison -- $20.00 (Box) -- $10.00 (Gen Adm) -- $20.00 (Track) $30.00 (Early Admission standing room only)

Saturday, July 27th

Tractor Pull [11 am] -- $6.00 (Box) -- $5.00 (Gen Adm) -- $10.00 (Infield per person)

Tractor Pull & Illinois Championship Semi-Truck Pull [5 pm] -- $6.00 (Box) -- $5.00 (Gen Adm) -- $10.00 (Infield per person)


Please contact the fair office at 217-367-8461



Box seats are the first 4 rows closest to the track and are folding chairs in boxes of 5 or 6.  (5 seat boxes have a support pole in the box.)  In addition to being more comfortable, box seats are the only seats that may be reserved before the event.  Here is a seating chart of the box seats (the grandstand bleachers are behind the box seats).

Pick up your reserved box seat tickets at the fair office.

Grandstand seats are bleachers, in the rows behind the box seats.  Grandstand seats may be purchased at the entrance to the grandstand an hour before the show begins.  Grandstand seating is first come, first served, with no reserved seating.



Box seats may be reserved by telephone by calling Cheryl at the fair phone number (367-8461).  Box seats begin selling at the beginning of July. Reservations are taken by phone until approximately 2:30pm.  Tickets should be picked up at the ticket window of the fair office building before the show.  Please don't wait until right before the show, for you will be waiting in a very long line to get your tickets.  Come in the morning - during the weekdays, the gate does not charge admission until 1pm.  Credit Cards are now accepted.

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